Saturday, June 18, 2011

SKMM's Doing The Right Thing

Recently there was a great fuss over the Internet users in the country when SKMM suddenly blocked most file sharing websites in the Internet. Here's the list of the banned websites :

As a result irate users vented their frustration by creating tonnes of facebook pages to protest. Meanwhile, hackers did what they're best at to show their dissatisfaction to the government as a reaction to SKMM's stunning action; they attempt to perform ominous cyber attacks to many government's hosted websites and as a result, managed to hack 198 websites.

All this chaos was just because SKMM has blocked the file sharing websites, most regularly used to download free pirated movies and songs from pirated albums, online. SKMM has wrecked our illegal freedom in downloading free files. Legally, it is on sale.

Frankly, though I also feel the frustration over the lost "facility" and freedom to download free movies, but I've to say it too that SKMM's just doing the right thing. SKMM was just doing its job in protecting the copyrights of filming and music industries. SKMM was just doing its job in stifling pirated files and downloadable free movies, as it weren't legally downloadable.

In fact, I think it was actually overdue, because these file sharing websites have been barely abused by Internet users to illegally download free movies and music for years thus, have been destructing the industry. filming and music recording companies have long suffered the loss, as their works can just be downloaded free online. Long enough to put more companies out of the business.

And all the loss was just because we wanted their movies, musics or whatever their products that should be paid, freely downloadable online. It is barely like, we're robbing someone else properties, that were actually on sale. We steal their products just to please ourselves watching free movies. And when government blocked the websites, take away things that weren't and shouldn't be ours, we were all outraged. It doesn't really make a perfect sense why should we be so. It is not ours, so beat it.

Soon after, guess what, those movies can never be put in business again, it has no values at all, just as it is all available online, easily can be downloaded right away.

One of my friend who against this has wrote in her blog, "SKMM should be more focusing on blocking porn websites rather than file sharing websites." Well, I chose to agree. Porn websites are morally destructive, but file sharing websites aren't all just about free movies downloads. The real function is to enable files to be exchanged online, over the globe. Not the pirated ones of course. So it has more good than harm, compared to porn websites which have no benefits at all. So it should be the priority to be blocked rather than file sharing websites. If that is so, it really makes sense.

But she never mentioned that this thing has been actually carried and done by Malaysia's top Internet provider company, Streamyx. Streamyx has been blocking more top porn sites in Malaysia since months ago. You can try to access some of those porn sites and you'll find there's no use of it if you're on Streamyx.

I know all of us we're upset on the banning of file sharing websites, but SKMM is actually just doing what it has to do. I'm sorry. This is my honest opinion regarding this matter, even though it is actually against what I've been doing all this while too; downloading pirated files and musics, and I won't be able to watch free downloadable movies anymore as before. But I chose to stand for the right thing more than to please my own self.

*Okay I'm nerd. =.="

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